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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Paper: The Expats, Chris Pavone

I'm the kind of girl that repeats over and over that she wants to start a book club, even mentions it to a few friends, and then for some reason or other never follows through. It could be that I'm completely insane and these people have zero intention of ever speaking to me again, or that we are all too caught up in typical suburban things like wedding planning, nannying or grocery shopping five times a week. It happens. 

With that said, maybe you're completely insane as well, or you just can't commit to a regular meeting time. In my process of motivating myself, I hope to motivate you to choose a great book and stick with it until the end. For this first week of my online book review and commentary, I've chosen a book that has popped up on a ton of reading lists:

Title: Expats
Author: Chris Pavone
Publisher: Crown (March 6, 2012)
Pages: 336 

Now, you don't know me yet, but my to-do list is starting to take over my life and 'reading' is somewhere towards the very bottom, lingering dangerously close to 'shaving' and 'car wash'. BUT, I do promise to have this read in the next two weeks to review and discuss. In the interim, please feel free to share your comments and discussion questions and I will try and address them once this book is read and in it's proper place on the shelf.

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