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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding: All Dolled Up

As Miley sings, It's a party in the USA...

Crazy fun amidst the chaos? That was pretty much our morning. We rushed out of the house with plates full of bagels and glasses of orange juice (I think I still have the dirty plates under the seat in my car?!) to get to the hotel on time, check-in, and let the hair stylist and make-up artist have their fun. In our craziness we even packed up the entire steam iron. I ran around making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be, Rosalyn (my closest girlfriend and bridesmaid) managed the checklist, and Casey (my sister and bridesmaid) made sure that we all had a glass of the hotel's finest champagne. The florist showed up with the bouquets, the photographer and his assistant were snapping away and then eventually my mom showed up to make the mandatory, 'you look amazing!' type comments.

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