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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Facial Hair And Other Complaints

I should warn my readers that I'm a bit pissy after plucking about 892 hairs out of my face, lest I be seen on TV a proof Bigfoot exists. Thank goodness for bangs because my eyebrow was looking mighty scary. Sadly, my bangs weren't long enough to cover my half of the twin mustaches my husband and I were sporting. Anyhow, I just need to make note of a few things:

1. Equating the word cunt with the idea of someone who is nasty, mean, obnoxious, arrogant, etc. is similar to equating the word 'gay' with stupid. Both are incredibly offensive because they are affixing a negative connotation to words that are anything but. A cunt is a vagina. It might be unkempt, styled or vajazzled, but it most certainly doesn't have an offensive personality. Consider that when you call someone a cunt, you are kind of complimenting them. A vagina is pretty tough and meant to withstand a lot (childbirth?).

2. I'm still unsure of why so many individual rights are determined by the masses. Don't agree with same-sex marriage? Don't get one. Why should your rights to have a lovely, picture perfect heterosexual marriage have anything to do with your neighbors right to have the same thing- hetero or homosexual? I, for one, can not wait to see so many of my loved ones get married and drink far too much wine at their weddings. I don't care what the gender or sex of the person they are marrying is, as long as they are happy and loved. I just can't believe that in 2013 I'm still seeing this archaic debate being played out in a supposedly 'progressive' nation. But really, why am I surprised?

3. In the forty-five minutes it took me to write, delete, and re-write this blog, I'm fairly certain every last one of my eyebrows has grown back in with full force. I don't know how I was ever plagued with this much hair on my head. 

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